October 16, 2009

Funny Fridays

Although I'm sure funny clips are better served on a Monday, the alliteration just isn't the same!

I'm gonna try to post a quick clip each Friday that has made me laugh throughout the week. I love the creativity and spontaneity of this one. Never worked in an office but I would have guessed most days started off like this!

Have a great weekend! I'm actually back in school tomorrow as I'm taking the 'Can-Fit-Pro' personal training certification courses throughout Oct and Nov, hopefully I still know how to actually read and write...on paper!



Unknown said...

Brilliant!!!! we used to have a "song of the day" in the lab where I worked...and dancing was frequently involved

Deanna Stoppler said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I loved it!!! That is too funny and AWESOME! I would LOVE to do that at work; maybe I will. Thanks dude.

garobbins said...

I know I've been thinking the same thing! Would be funny to do something similar at work. If you do it you have to post it too!!