July 20, 2009

Continuing The Punishment

As if I didn`t struggle enough to recover from the thrashing that was Western States, I ended up racing what I would consider to be Canada`s toughest 50k trail race just two weeks after the fact. This `double` has been pulled off by many a B.C. ultra runner, and most have fared very well with this two week time line. Me however, I really struggled to get back to good after WS. My quads had never been torched like that before and just a few days before the race I thought there was simply no way I could knock down a 50k with close close to 9,000 feet of descent involved!

The Knee Knacker is a lottery set up though, and after being shut out in 08 there was simply no way I could forgo the race in 09. My race was a bit backwards for me though as I felt great on the climbs and terrible on the descents. I ended up focusing all of my energy into the numerous lengthy ascents, and basically tippy toed down each successive fall line.
(I should mention that this is heading into the half way aid station, and pretty much the only pavement on the entire course with it being 99% singletrack!)

At 2h15m my legs locked up solid and I was left wondering what the hell I was thinking by attempting a race while my body was still so disgusted with me. Thankfully my Carbo-Pro 1200 and Thermolytes kept me going and held the cramps at bay for the remainder of the course.

I was fortunate enough to be running around someone I had met through adventure racing. Chad Ulansky and I spent the better part of the race together and as he crested the final large climb in the race, about 300 meters ahead of me, and with under 25min to the finish line, I verbally told myself that I had to suck it up and push hard. I managed to sneak past Chad and snag 4th overall in a time of 5h22m. I am VERY HAPPY with that result, all things considered!

In the end Montrail runners won both the men`s and women`s races with Aaron Heidt ripping the course a new a-hole and breaking the long standing course record by almost three full minutes to pull in with a time of 4h39m. Ellie Greenwood ran the fourth fastest women`s race of all time to snag her own victory in 5h35m!

It was a great day to be out on what I consider to be many of my favorite local trails. Good times were had by all, both literally and figuratively as many runners had very impressive P.R.`s CONGRATS to EVERYONE who was a part of the race this year, it`s a huge accomplishment to even attempt to do a race of this magnitude!

The round up banquet was fun, topped off by a marriage proposal...and acceptance, congrats to Bill and Jess!

Personally I can`t wait to hopefully squeeze my way into both the WS and KK lotteries so that I can do it all over again next summer!!

Thanks to all involved with The Knee Knacker, you put on an incredible event, time and time again!

Full Results Here


mo said...

Love the sox...They take 'sexy' to a whole new level.
Congrats on the race. Glad WS didn't ruin you for trail running.

Devon said...

I want to come do Knee Knacker at some point, sounds fun! Congrats on a good run!

garobbins said...

BOTH OF YOU should throw your names in the lottery for next year. It's such an awesome event and if you get in you can chalk it up to 'fate':)