February 28, 2008

Too Much Too Soon, Or Too Little Too Late?

Tried running again today and felt calf pain like I haven't experienced in weeks. I only made it 35 minutes and then walked home, super bummed and disappointed, but I have a friend in town and we went to the Vancouver International Mountain Film Fest tonight, so still a good day! I want to climb Everest...just gotta find the money to do so!

We got up ski touring on Tuesday for a total of six hours, and today did a one hour skate ski in The Callahan Valley before I tested out my calves on the run.

I am left wondering if getting the IMS on Monday, just days before a race, was a mistake, or if I pushed too hard in the days following the treatment? All I know is that I feel like I've taken a step back and that's tough to deal with. Gonna sleep in tomorrow and hope that the extra zzz will help with the recovery. I went to town on the calves with 'The Stick' tonight and am still holding out hope that I can race the Dirty Duo on Saturday.



Matt Hart said...

still hoping to race on saturday? you might wanna focus on the other sports for a week or two and lay off anything that will affect the calf muscle.

Gary Robbins said...

I know, I know...but let's be honest here Matt, if anyone knows what it's like to be injured and have to sit still when you feel super fit, it'd be you!!
This sucks, but I know I'm doing the right thing for my season of racing right now. I'm gonna focus on biking, gym work, yoga and recovery for a few weeks and hopefully put this whole episode behind me for good!