February 25, 2008


I. M.ust be S.tupid

I just paid someone sixty bucks to jab needles into my calves and actually induce cramping into my legs. This service is referred to as I.M.S. (Intramuscular Stimulation) and I was biting the pillow to avoid from actually hitting the nice woman who I had asked to do this to me. I limped out of the damn physio clinic and was told that I should notice an improvement in about 24hr.

Why does it take additional pain to relieve pain?

Like I said to my roomie last week, while I was using The Stick as a rolling pin on my legs, "One day I'm gonna wake up and none of this will make any sense to me any more. I'll be done with racing, done with suffering, and done with all the pain involved and that's that! But until then, I really do love this sh$t!!"


IMS can loosely be described as a highly advanced form of acupuncture, but in reality is much more complex. IMS involves the use of acupuncture needles to specifically target injured muscles, which have contracted and become shortened from distress. These shortened muscles cause pain not only in the affected muscle itself, but also from the resulting stress on surrounding tendons and joints.

IMS treatment causes the muscle to ‘grasp’ the needle, which in turn forces the shortened muscle to release, providing pain relief.

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