November 29, 2007

'The Beast' Adventure Race This Weekend

This Sunday will be the first competitive thing I've done in over two months...well outside of floor hockey and dodge ball I guess!!

The Beast adventure race is held just outside of Seattle and has a similar layout to a MOMAR sprint race. Finish times are almost exactly the same, except there will be no paddle leg, and there is some pretty tough navigation least that's what Todd tells me!

The Beast 06 was the first race that Todd and I ever did together. We headed down under the impression that we could do a race in a non-competitive environment, amongst people we didn't know, and therefore get to know each other's race styles a bit better. Instead, we...well I, decided that we were in fact going to race the event. I let Todd know of my decision about thirty seconds before the race directors said go! We raced hard, suffered lots, cramped regularly, and really came together to pull out a solid was the perfect way to get to know each other's race styles...or at least that's what I told Todd afterwards.

Having not run more than sixty minutes a week since Sept, and having biked only once in the last two weeks, this should be interesting for us. I'm sure we will feel physically fine during the race, but the recovery time might be a bit slow afterwards.

Either way wish us fact get yer own ass down there and race it for yourself, it's a great event, and a ton of fun to be racing in a completely new area!



Unknown said...

Good luck at the Beast! If you or Todd put up a post race report, I'll feature it on Sleepmonsters.


Glenn said...

Nice win. I'm thinking that since the beast is kinda a beginner race, you should be required to navigate and not Todd.

Gary Robbins said...

I'm actually a way better nav than Todd, it's our little secret! No, I hear ya, Todd and I just approach this race as a great training day, and a kick in the butt to get back to training after a few months off.
Great to see all the DART guys out helping new people in the sport though!!

Glenn said...

You know that DART helping is about getting beginners with experienced racers. You guys would be good with beginners as well. It might be kinda cool for newbies to race with some of Canada's best.

garobbins said...

Ya know if the offer was presented to us we'd be interested in doing something similar.
I think it's a great idea and really benefits the sport as a whole. It makes it a lot easier for new people to get out there and get a feel for the whole thing...and we all know how addictive it can get from there!!

We should probably have them sign a waiver though, something along the lines of that they can never come back to sue us after they've invested their life savings into beating the hell outa themselves around the world!!

DARTvg said...

Nice work Gary! It was good to see you guys out crushing it.

You might be on to something with the waiver idea :-)

Gary Robbins said...

HAHA, yeah, I wish someone had told me that four years ago!
Always a blast to get down there and see everyone.
Nice work to you guys for helping new people into the sport!