February 14, 2007

Squamish Scrambler Pictures Link

Squamish Scrambler
Squamish Scrambler,
originally uploaded by ClubFatAss.
Here are those photos I promised,

Once you click on this photo you will be linked to the folder for my event. There are a few random shots in there that are obvioulsy not from us snowshoeing on Saturday.
On the right hand side, under the first photo area there is an almost hidden slideshow button, hit that and enjoy.


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Turtlepace said...

To just see photos of the Scrambler you can click on the tag "SquamishScrambler2007" and also watch a slideshow at http://www.flickr.com/photos/clubfatass/tags/squamishscrambler2007/show/

Gary, When I blog from Flickr to my blog the photo appears larger...not sure how that works, but maybe something you want to figure out.