May 28, 2013

WIN your way in - Red Bull Divide & Conquer - June 8th - North Vancouver

The second annual Red Bull Divide and Conquer will be taking place on Vancouver's North Shore next Saturday, June 8th. We had an absolute blast in year one and we're stoked to bring this top notch international event back to North Van again in 2013! Check out how much fun we had in the rain and mud last year.

Divide and Conquer is a relay styled event that begins with a mountain run, follows up with a mountain bike, and concludes with a white water kayak down Capilano Canyon, finishing just below the iconic Lion's Gate Bridge in West Vancouver. It's a wild ride for each participant and true mountain race in every sense of the word.

We currently have a few out of country kayakers who are heading this way to participate but they're shy a few teammates, predominantly a mountain runner, but also a mountain biker.

This contest is open for any runner OR biker to claim the free entry and join an established kayaker in helping to form a team of three.

The free entry can be used however you chose though, if you have your own team of three than you can use your individual free entry towards the team entry price. Even better, if you have a run-bike combo in place than you'll complete your team with our visiting kayaker (they might even be famous in the kayaking world)

We'll also be drawing for a 2nd place prize of $50 off an individual entry, and a 3rd place prize of $25 off an individual entry.

All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on this blog posting prior to Sunday, June 2nd at 6pm. Winners will be drawn on Sunday night. Good luck!

1st - FREE individual entry
2nd - $50 off individual entry
3rd - $25 off individual entry

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LukeD said...

Well...a free entry to a team would be tough to turn down! Thanks for putting this up Gary. -Luke

Anonymous said...

Robbins,I'll take a free entry as finding a kayaker is tough..Kevin Holland

Unknown said...

Free entry would be awesome, I would love to run this event - Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Gary, Watched this great event last year in the rain. I hate being a spectator in my own backyard-would love to ride it this year- nothing better than 2 hours of jacked-up full on mountain bike racing. Was talking with Kevin Holland about teaming up - your kayaker better be ready to be first in the water! Cheers, Corino Salomi - 604-986-4226

tania percy said...

great blog..Red Bull last year was brutal....Tania

garobbins said...

AND THE WINNERS ARE...drum roll please!

FREE ENTRY - Corino Salomi
$50 Off - Luke LD
$25 Off - Jeremy Leal
$25 Off - Kevin Holland
$25 Off - Tania Percy

garobbins said...

Please contact me to claim your free/discount registration codes.