February 16, 2013

My New Mantra

New for 2013, Salomon Sense Mantra - my favorite!
A mantra I started using in late 2012 was 'fight'. That's it. Just that one word. Fight.

I started using this for the first time during the Mountain Masochist 50 miler in early November. It was my third time running the race and there were some climbs that had forced me into power hiking during my previous two times on the course. I knew I was trained and ready to race, and that I should be able to finally run the majority of those climbs. My goal was sub 7 hours which I feel I would have run had there not been snow on the course, and of course had I not detoured for almost six additional miles. Anyways, during those climbs I still had to fight my tendencies towards power hiking. I still had to convince myself in those moments that I had it in me to run terrain I'd never run before.

I simply chanted in my head "Fight, fight, fight...fight, fight, fight" and low and behold I forced myself up and over the steepest parts of the course faster than I'd ever done so before. It wasn't easy, but it isn't supposed to be. Fight.

I've never been one for mantras, but for me, this simple word sums it all up perfectly. It was a long few years fighting through injury. It was difficult to fight through the lack of confidence in my own abilities after being down for so long. I had to fight day in and day out to stay motivated during my own training and to believe that I would get back to where I once was.

When you line up at a race you're out there to fight against the course, against the weather conditions, against the competition, and most of all against your own internal dialogue and weaknesses. You have to fight through all of this to stay focused if you want to get the most out of yourself come race day. For me recently, it's come down to simply reminding myself that it's not supposed to be easy. To achieve your absolute best, you're going to have to learn how to fight, and the hardest battle we all wage is against ourselves and right inside our own minds.

"The mind is weak. The body is a machine. Control your mind and your body will be forced to follow."

One other Mantra I've acquired recently has already lead to happy feet and fun times on our local trails. My favorite new shoe! The Salomon Sense Mantra.

Here's A quick video review on competitor magazine

I had my very first run in these shoes today, and I absolutely loved how they hugged my midfoot while giving me ample room in the toe box. This is known as ENDOFIT which is a Salomon exclusive technology. It's an internal fit sleeve designed to hug the forefoot and improve feedback and foot wrapping. Along with this the drop is but 6mm, which I'm a big fan of. 16mm in the rear and 10mm in the front. This is not a minimalist shoe but I'm not a minimalist runner.

The Mantra is based on the S-Lab sense that Kilian wore during his 2011 winning run at Western States.

"The Mantra adds only a few essentials to make it friendly for everyday running; a little more cushioning, a little more protection, and a longer OS tendon to return more energy.
Natural motion construction for running has a lower heel drop, supporting a midfoot or forefoot-oriented stike, better enabling muscles to absorb more shock instead of joints and ultimately building greater balance and overall running efficiency."

My debut in the Mantra via STRAVA. A brand new shoe for 2013 and it already owns some of the KOM's on The North Shore:)



Melanie sakowski said...

Great post! This is another great quote: "The body achieves what the mind believes." Cheers!

garobbins said...

I love it! Thanks Melanie

Unknown said...

Hi Gary! Love reading your stuff. Would you run the Mantra in a 50k/50mi, or just use it for training? I'm thinking about picking up a pair for the MYM50. Thanks!!!

garobbins said...

Thanks Joshua!

Right now I'm leaving towards the Mantra for training and racing anything over 50k. I'll likely race this shoe at UTMF and would certainly recommend it for a 50 like SQ50 or MYM.

For 50k or under I'm leaning towards the S-Lab Sense Ultra.

Olga said...

It's a great mantra, Gary, for sure! I shall be using it as I go through things, life or race. Congrats again on Salomon gig! It's travel time!

garobbins said...

Thanks Olga! As always, thanks for all the support!

Kevin Ash said...

Gary - I saw your tweet this week about the Vegan Hammer protein product. Just wanted to know if you're also vegan?? Thanks! Kevin.

garobbins said...

Hey Kevin, I'm not vegan but my fiance is.
I love fish and occasionally eat some chicken.
I do have stomach issues with gluten, soy and dairy though so something like a vegan protein is very in line with what I need to consume.
All in all I eat healthier than I ever have before thanks to my vegan wife to be, and of course the more you learn about our food chain the more selective you end up being with your calorie sources!


Unknown said...

Hi Gary

Way to go on Diez Vista! This is a big year for you, RD and UTMF and all. You are off to a flying start. Referring back to my previous question, I have a set of Sense Mantra's in my possession, and look forward to putting them through their paces. Thanks for you input! Knee Knacker will be the race of choice for these if my feet and legs dig them.



garobbins said...

Good stuff Joshua! All the best with your KK training!!