January 18, 2013

HURT Follow Along + Current Course Conditions

You can follow along on the live webcast on Sat as of 6am Hawaii time (two hours behind PST). Umm, I'm using a tablet app to post this and I can't seem to link specifically to the webcast, here's the address that you may have to copy and past to get it to go: http://www.ultralive.net/hurt100/webcast.php

In terms of how I feel and where I'm at, all in all I think it's hard to arrive at a January 100 miler in better health and fitness than I currently find myself. Hopefully that means something come race day.

I got out on the course for about an hour today and it seems to be drying out quickly. Recent first hand reports had the course in rather rough shape after quite a wet late Dec and early Jan. During today's run it was certainly slick in sections, and it would run much more challenging than the last few years however, as has been mentioned to me by a few locals now, with any wind and no rain in the next 31 hours we could in fact find it to be in prime condition come 6am Saturday. Either way, whatever is presented to us, I'm incredibly excited and thankful to be able to step back onto the HURT course one more time. I'll actually have to run right past the spot where I last broke my foot, ten times throughout the race, and I am 100% certain that I'l recognize exactly where it all went down. It's been quite a journey these last few years and as I sit here tonight, blogging when I should be sleeping, it is with anxious excitement to get back out onto what truly are some of my favorite trails in the world.

As you follow along here's a reference point as to how I ran the race back in 2010. I'll be straight and say that I'm hoping to run as close to this as possible, maybe even a wee bit faster if conditions and my legs allow for it. It looks to be one of the more competitive fields they've seen here at HURT, yet another reason to get excited about race day!

Alright, here's a few pictures if they'll post, then off to catch up on some zzzzz

Jan 16th, 2010

Lap 1: 3h40m
Lap 2: 3h42m
Lap 3: 4h04m
Lap 4: 4h15m
Lap 5: 4h31m


1) Start to Paradise / Manoa

2) Paradise / Manoa to Nuuanu

3) Nuuanu to Nature Center

Wish me luck,


Thomas said...

Enjoy, and good luck! Don't worry about sleep, I find I never sleep properly before an important race, but it doesn't seem to impact on performance.

Have Fun!

David said...

Enjoy the Day & Night. Best of luck from the Eastern Ontario, GR Groupies

Rosie said...

Hooo boy with times like those I stand no chance of leaving for my fourth loop before you finish! hahaha Can't wait to see on the winners podium Gary!


Words can not say how impressed I am with your 'never quit' attitude ! Ever-ready bunny you are, you just KEEP ON GOING ! WOOT ! I'll be cheering you on from Van.

Hoppy said...

19:35!!Stunning performance Gary! You certainly paid your dues and earned that one . Soak it up !GUINESS AND CAKE : ) alohas mate .

Anonymous said...

Gary! WOW!! What a great way to start the day seeing your first place result on HURT! Well done & congratulations on an AWESOME race! Cheers! Jill

Richard I said...

Congratulations Gary! Maybe you could use the prize money to pay the UTMB !!!

Digger said...

Now that's what I call a comeback!
Congratulations, your journey has been very inspiring to us normal people.
Good luck at UTMB.

Jacquie said...

Congrats, Gary; such an awesome race you ran. Will never forget John S in 2010 trying to calculate if you could actually finish in under 20 hours. Guess he got his answer!

Katherine said...

Just found your site :) I'm a runner too, but a baby one :p


Anonymous said...

Gary, big congratulations. Looks like you came back from that injury stronger than ever. Couldn't be happier for you. Hope I can get to see you out there on the trails sometime soon.
D V Roes

garobbins said...

THANK YOU ALL for the continual support and congrats along the way!

It was certainly an amazing trip and it couldn't have felt any better to be able to break through at a 100 miler again on the very course where I suffered my last setback.

We are in the airport now and I'll be working on my race report shortly. I hope you'll get a chance to read it and enjoy my take on the day:)


garobbins said...


I don't know if you saw my twitter message to you but it really wasn't the same without you there this year!

You were the topic of conversation on more than one occasion and by multiple people even during the race itself...almost none of it was positive but I know you'd expect nothing less:)


Thomas said...

I just read your race report on irunfar. Holy cow, what a comeback! So good in fact that I'm starting to suspect you just pretended to be injured so that you could rest your body into top condition!

Well done! Amazing!! Congrats!!!

garobbins said...

Haha, good stuff Thomas, I did drink lots of beer err carbs during my time sidelined so maybe I just had a very high storage of fuel that was ready to burn:)