April 04, 2012

Squamish50 First Half - My Longest Run (42km)

This past Saturday March 31st I had the pleasure of touring four friends around the full first half of the Squamish50 course. It was my longest personal run since pre-I Never Wanna Talk About It Again, which dates back to mid May of last year. Needless to say I was very, very happy with the day.

Turns out our course is almost exactly a marathon distance from our starting point on The Squamish Spit until our midway point at Quest University, in fact if I had added on our first little loop around The Spit to string out the eventual racing field it would have come in at pretty much exactly 42.2km. We'll likely add this to our race options in 2013 since it's already built in completely by accident...err, by design, yeah by design, I'm smrt like that.

Here's the Garmin file for those looking for a bit more course insight and just below are the highlight pictures of the day AND a short under 2min video in which the first minute was filmed during our run on Saturday.

Oh yeah, and here's the compliment of the day which I have to share cause it makes me look good, and I rarely get a chance to do/say that:

North Face Ambassador Athlete Sasha Brown: I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the first half of the course on Saturday! I have to say: IT IS AMAZING!!! I know many of the Squamish trails, and Gary still managed to shock and awe me with the selection and variety! :) If you're on the fence - Sign up! You will be treated to an impressive event.


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