February 11, 2012

Running Stupid - I Interview Ken

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Running Stupid's very own Ken Michal in a flipping of the script as I stole his mic and took over the Running Stupid broadcast. It was a lot of fun as we traded a bunch of stories and laughs, talking about everything from The HURT 100 to WS to the common theme of over-training in ultra running. I can't guarantee you'll learn anything, but hopefully you'll at least get a chuckle or two.



ken michal said...

Thanks, Gary!!! The interview was a lot of fun!! Can't wait to interview you again on RS!

All Day!

Sarah Lavender Smith said...

Hi Gary, I belatedly discovered this podcast after I met Ken through an Inside Trail Racing event. I chose your i'view of him as the first one to listen to. It was fantastic! I listened to it today while running the Bolinas Ridge Trail in prep for the Miwok 100K. Your humor, anecdotes, insights & training advice really lifted my mood and helped me feel better prepared for my upcoming event (which will be a challenge, as I've never done anything longer than a 50M). Thanks so much. BTW I blog at http://TheRunnersTrip.com and will try to put something on my blog about it in the not-too-distant future. Hope your recovery continues to progress.

garobbins said...

Hi Sarah, thanks so much for the incredibly kind comments!

Best of luck with Miwok, as you already know it's an incredible course and I'm sure you'll love (almost) every second of it!