September 20, 2011

Moving Right Along

One week out and things seem to be moving along quite nicely. No pain in my foot which is a great sign, and the walking with a proper aircast, calf cut boot, has been a breeze.

My recent exchange with my Dr. and yet another reason why we've worked so well together...

Me to him:
Alright, quick quiz. Scales of 1-5 with 1 being "don't even think about it" and 5 being "you shoulda done it yesterday"

Biking on Trainer: 
Road Biking: 
Elyptical Trainer: 
Water running: 
Swimming with full kicking: 
Gym workouts: 
Kick Boxing: 
Sky Diving:

Dr. Boyer to me:

OK to do if pain free: 
Gym (just no heavy pushing with feet)
Biking on trainer (in a shoe is probably OK)
Water running and full swimming

More cautious: 
Road biking (until you can control a bike pain free as cars tend to be big and dangerous)
Elliptical (again, give it a week or so and try in a shoe)

Kick boxing - seriously? 

Sky Diving - Um, no
So there you have it. Apparently my skydiving career is on hold, which might prevent me from attaining my big break, as I surely would have auditioned for the role of Johnny Utah in the unfortunate remake of the truly classic Point Break. Other than that though, I’d have to say it’s been a great first week back on my feet.

And Roxy thinks so too.



Brian said...

GR you rock.... glad to hear your up and about again.... hopefully sushi soon.


garobbins said...

Thanks Brian, and this time I won't need a piggy back while you're here!

BobbyKnight said...

Great to hear that you are progressing again GR. Now, let's keep it that way. Dammit.

garobbins said...

Hell yes. It's been quite the year and I will most certainly be taking all necessary precautions to prevent from breaking my foot a third time.

It's just nice to be able to walk again and I know that novelty will last at least a full month, if not two.


Scott said...

No offense, but I'm sure the background check will scub any chances of becoming an FBI agent... you seem more Bohdi than Utah anyhow.
You could start your own crew called "The Ex-Premiers" (posing as Gordon Campbell, Ujjjal Dosanjh, Glen Clark and Bill Vanderzalm) knocking off Tim Hortons in the summer to save enough money to hit all the big ultra's down south in the winter.
"Get me 2 Utah!!!"

garobbins said...

That one made me laugh.
Dibs on the Dosanjh mask!