September 07, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

Well now that the biggest ultra of 2011 has come and gone, that being the UTMB in France just under two weeks ago, I can finally consider my season of dreaming of running to have come to a close.

Via Adam Campbell
Typically in past years I've taken extended downtime in the fall anyways, and as such, even though completely sidelined, there feels like a sudden closure on the year of running that never was. I know that there are still a lot of big ultras to round out the year, but going into 2011 it was all about UTMB for me. Even though I've known conclusively since early June that it would not happen, I never quite let go of the dream of attending the race until it actually began on August 26th.

In the end simply finishing would have meant finishing ahead of most of the top names in North American ultra running. Each runner with their own story and day of race issues, it certainly made for a very dramatic race to follow via online updates. I have no doubt that given this years outcome most, if not all, will be looking to attend again in 2012. I am no different of course and hopefully the lottery gods will smile down upon most of us again come December-January. It would be an honor to stand among a class of runners even half as deep as this year's race attracted.

Once it was all said and done the indefatigable Kilian Jornet laid sole claim to the top ultra runner in the world bragging rights, after what can only be described as an unbelievable season. Lizzie Hawker took the women's race, with two American's finishing in the top six. Those being Darcy Africa in third and Helen Cospolich in sixth.

Canada's Adam Campbell proudly flew the Red and White after an incredible 2nd place finish in the 100k'ish version of the race known as CCC. Massive congrats to him on what turned out to be damn near twice as long as he'd ever run before!

As for me I have my next x-ray in six short days time. Assuming all has gone according to plan in the last five weeks (of course nothing has to date) than I might just find myself finally off of these damn sticks. After 7.5 months on these things, dare I say I might not even know what to do with myself.

IF I am set free, I am most certainly looking forward to a fall season of walking, hiking, and road biking, while holding off on the running temptations until at least Jan of next year.

I know I've been on these things just a wee bit too long when while catching the final Harry Potter flick with my girlfriend this past weekend, I found myself wondering when Harry had gotten off his crutches...yeah, seriously.


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