August 11, 2011

33 Days To Freedom (a nice x-ray)

August 2nd, 2011
Thankfully I have finally had an image of my foot that looks positive, and for all intents and purposes I should be cleared of these sticks by my follow up x-ray on Sept 13th!

I headed into this thing last week (it's taken me a bit to catch up on here) knowing I was going to hear one of two things:

1) Your foot is finally healing properly and you should be off crutches within six weeks


2) Your foot is not healing properly and you'll need surgery and be on crutches until December

In all honesty I had built up my defenses for the latter and was prepared for the worst. So much so that when I glanced at the initial x-ray myself I thought for sure I was headed to surgery, "Book me in Doc". As he looked at it properly though he was able to distinguish distinct healing lines upon the bone structure that suggest that I should be on the home stretch for this thing right now, which was obviously a massive relief.

I've said this continually to those close to me but recently noticed my rather large oversight in not posting it on my own blog: I'm fully aware of the fact that no matter what the circumstances of the last twelve months of my life have been, this will always boil down to 'just a broken foot'. It will eventually heal, I will eventually run again. If this is the worst thing that I have to tackle in the coming years than I'm an even more fortunate soul than I already feel that I am, simply through being born into a prosperous and free nation. I spent a full calendar year cycle touring impoverished and post war-torn countries, and though that was eight years back in my life, you never quite look at the world the same again. I don't say it with every blog posting as I've never felt the need to, but, it's never been lost on me for even a moment that I've been born with a silver spoon in my mouth simply based upon where I was geographically conceived (nice work Ma and Pa).

Running is not not life and death, no matter how we slice and dice it, it will always just be running. We can live, quite happily, without it. In the meantime though, I fully intend to appreciate every additional running step I'm granted upon my newly fused bone, starting early in the new year.

I can start back on my bike in six weeks though, which basically means my Christmas present, is arriving early...
"I feel happy of myself" (that link the closest you're getting to a FF this week)


paul said...

Great news and great post mate. This has made you grow. It's all good :)

Hone said...

Nice thoughts dude. Way to keep it all in prespective. Reading this post makes me feel better about life. Running is just running (but it is damn fun sometimes!).

Anyways continue to keep your chin up and count your blessings. Time passes quickly.

aka Moogy said...

Good news Gary!!

And hey, (well it sucks that you wouldn't be able to make it anyway), if any of your west coast friends are coming to Run The Toad I don't live too far away (relatively in Canuck speak) and have a place to crash.

Jude said...


dvroes said...

Great news Gary. We are headed to the Adirondack Mtns. for vacation and Geoff is joining us from Wed. to Sun. and then he is off to UTMB from here. (Where I expect you will be next year.)

garobbins said...

Thanks all, and to Don, next year will be all about UTMB, assuming I get in I'll be counting down the days. Wish Geoff the best of luck and enjoy your time together in NY!

Hoppy said...

Great attitude Gary ,and finally something positive in the healing process. Don't go round the bend ,Your on the mend : )