July 31, 2011

Marathon Swimming

NO, not me. NO freakin way man, but I did get to crew for a friend of mine who just completed the 9km Bay Challenge swim route from Sandy Cove to Kits Beach in Vancouver, on July 24th.

The Bay Challenge is a race that originated in 1931 to celebrate the opening of the outdoor 50meter Kits Pool and they had 33 swimmers that year. I'd never even heard of it until Wade Repta mentioned it a few years back. When he put out the all call for a crew I jumped all over it (insert single legged jokes here) and recruited my girlfriend and a good buddy along for the boat ride.

In the end we had a rare sunny day and perfect temps to enjoy being out on the water all morning. Pics attached and massive congrats to Wader for completing the route in 4.5hrs!
Wade Repta Swims The Bay

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