June 29, 2011

Why I Hate X-Rays Version 6.0


(June 28th, 2011)

Much like the first time I went through this, the fracture has gotten worse before it decides to get better. Yesterdays six week out x-ray is virtually identical to the six week out x-ray that I had in mid December. I'm struggling to accept what this all means, even though it's pretty clearly laid out in front of me.

-It'll be September before it's even probable for me to take two steps in succession without metallic assistance
-I knew 2011 was a wash but now my 2012 racing season will be impacted as well
-I'll end up missing out on my second straight attempt to return to The HURT 100 in Jan
-I'll spend this entire summer on crutches and at least 7 out of 10 months completely sidelined
-There are no guarantees that this will follow the exact same trajectory as the initial break and as such the new BEST case scenario is 3.5 months on crutches, or another eight weeks

This was going to be a much more composed and polished blog posting in my head but it's morphed into an emotional based release instead of a sensible assessment of the overall situation. I wanted to touch upon the frustrations associated with the complete disconnect between mind and body and how these x-rays always manage to completely blindside me, but in the end I just need to get this out, accept it, and begin to move on.

Don't take this personally, but I hope it rains on every single runner, biker and outdoor enthusiast for the next eight weeks straight (uhhh, this is meant to read as a joke, if you take it personally or seriously and feel the need to slam me for it than by all means join the party below) and that we then somehow get an Indian Summer unlike anything the Pacific Northwest has ever seen before. I'm totally fine without the racing, but if I do not get at least one adventure hike/run to a mountain summit before the snow starts to fly again I may just lose my mind.

PS: Do me ONE FAVOR if you feel inclined to leave a comment. Please don't make it one of sympathy or pep talk based, as I'm way beyond that side of this already. I greatly appreciate people taking the time to leave a comment at all, but may I respectfully request the following or nothing: A link to something that's funny or entertaining. Whether that's a story, a video, a picture, a personal blog posting or whatever. If it's made you laugh or smile at some point than feel free to pass it along.

I'll leave it at that, and lookout HURT 2015, WS 2016, and UTMB 2017, there'll be no stopping me once I completely regrow all of my bones in a yet to be proven, properly tested (or in fact designed) exo-skeletal compression electrolyte infused infrared calcium depositor (patent pending)



Devon said...

Love you gary.

http://youtu.be/9Nn0UkdDArM This reminds me of the sweet nice killer greyhound I use to have.

ned barrett said...

Gary, I have read and appreciated your blog for some time now, so I feel oblgated to give your "entertaining or funny" a shot. Here's my latest blog post from the catty-corner of your home, and maybe there's some other stuff on it you'll like too. www.nedbarrett.blogspot.com

Edward Sargisson said...


Anonymous said...

Bike lanes... haha


amy said...

I thought of you many times this past weekend. I'm thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. We all love you.

Footfeathers said...

Missed following you online at WS.

Can you ride your bike?

With Hardrock coming, here is one of my new favorite videos from last year's race. "Here's a waterfall I thought you might like, or whatever..." "This shit sucks."


Take care,

DGant said...

You bitter, bitter, man. Wishing rain upon us healthy folk. Don't put that voodoo into the universe GR! Besides, just 'cuz you're on crutches doesn't mean you can't get a killer tan on that beer gut you're sure to develop.

The following is funny. If you don't think it's funny, screw you, you're wrong.


Aaron said...

Your wish is my command.
PS. I have no sympathy for you - but you know me so you have probably figured that out already.

Mike Ku said...

If you can't run, you should try flying or pogo-sticking:


Kelly B. said...

Well Gary, we had tacos for dinner. How about we make this next time you are in town....

Sal said...


Tom Craik said...

Okay, Mr. Happy - Here's your laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN5PoW7_kdA

You should compile these and post'em. They're seriously all funny.

Devon & Kitt said...

Gary, if you want a laugh give this video a quick watch:

It's like a train wreck! Enjoy!

Laura H said...

Well this isn't that funny but it's awfully damn cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2mj-Sq2oeo&feature=related

F'ing foot. And f'ing xray.

GZ said...

Lots of enjoyment over here.

Derrick said...


Have had a week from hell, though nothing compared to you. Anyhow, this song has been my anthem and I thought I'd share it with you....


I'd suggest playing it very loud while playing some 'crutch guitar' and singing it to your foot. 

All the best. 

Sara Montgomery said...

Gary - Sing the anthem that Derrick posted to the next person who mentions calcium, your orthopod, and really anyone.

Alternate with watching Ultimate Dog Tease over and over and over.


Scotty K. said...

I'll ditto the rain comment. But at least you know the injury your dealing with. I've been sidlined since the beginning of January (15 total miles run in 2011 so far) with achilles pain, and I wasn't even able to get a doctor to get me in for an MRI until yesterday...that's f***in' bullsh*t. So I second Gary, and the next time I hear a healthy runner complain about running in the wind, the rain, the heat or complain of a blister or chaffing, I will personally Bill Murray YOUR achilles:

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself. There are millions of people out there who will never get to experience anything you've done already. Enough of the self pity.

Sara Montgomery said...

Anon, if you don't think a recurring, debilitating injury that affects your lifestyle, health and happiness is enough to feel down about, we'll all hold off checking in with you unless we have flesh eating disease. (Not that we know who you are, ahem.)

p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mxYXIdTCMI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Sara said...

This one always makes me laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cds7lSHawAw

Jon Burbey said...

Tough situation. I don't know you but have been reading ultrarunner blogs and came upon yours. Thought I would share Dakota Jones' most recent blog post.


Anonymous said...

You really need to either realize how good you have it to live in a wonderful place or shut the you know what up! Life is going to throw you some curve balls, and trust me we have all had them, but reacting this way on an online blog just looks REALLY bad. As for anon's comment and my anon comment...why the hell would we post our names? Get over yourself Sara...we all feel down, but some of us don't wish ill on other people's happiness. Life is what you make it!!

Tom Craik said...

Dear Heartless Anonymous whack jobs,
You're both right, we all have curve balls sent our way sometimes, but the majority of us care enough to hope each other mend well and get back at it. If you know Mr. Robbins at all you'd know his brilliant sense of humor. Sure he's disappointed and making angry fun at his very lame situation, but certainly hasn't lost sight of all he has. I don't know anyone who embraces life like Gary. He's the guy that dropped out of Miwok a few years ago and stayed around to make sure everyone else had a good day. Get a sac and sign your name if you really believe what you have to say means something.

wiglebot said...

(seagull steals gopro) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIu5B3Fsstg

Some funny stuff posted. That guys narration of Hardrock cracked me up.

This still cracks me up (People of Walmart) -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvxNgdFeWqM -- reminds me of VA, WV (home).

I Just got over the flu and got a cold -- its a man-cold so it is bad. I hope the weather sucks until I get better, laughs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary buddy pal,

Chopper from down under would say


Andy from down under !

Brandon said...

Thank Gary for Screwing up my "Dream team Picks" on Irunfar.com. I picked you and you didn't show up. You would think since I read your blog I would know that you sat on the sidelines with a broken toe. I even took a blurry photo of some guy limping after only a 3 mile climb... Reminded me of you for somereason. Too bad it wasn't your jaw, I ran with mine fractured just 2 weeks after a major car crash! Have fun eating Cheetos!

Just ribbin man, I haven't met you, but did screw up my team by picking you, and Geoff, and Hal!

Christine said...

well, it's about time you picked up swimming anyway.

Laura H said...

You can limp around and sing the Trololo song too! http://youtu.be/2Z4m4lnjxkY