March 24, 2011

Mr. Jones & Me

IT'S GOOD!! Mr. Jones Fracture has officially been put to rest.

(How I felt after seeing the x-ray yesterday morning)

Finally, finally, finally there is X-Rayed proof that my foot is 100% healed and ready to start taking a proper beating once more!

When I left the hospital on Feb 1st I was told it was 80-90% and that I could start back at things as long as I "Didn't Do Anything Stupid"...Who ME?? NEVER!

Those exact words played out in no fewer than a dozen different scenario's during my constant foot tweaks over the last seven weeks. I have finally had the weight of my own mind removed from my shoulders...wait a second, there's many different ways to interpret that statement...anyways, no more stressing out because of foot pain, it's all good pain from here on out!

The worst mental tail spin I ended up on was for a week while I was experiencing direct pain in that exact portion of my foot.

"I'm done. This sucks. I'm soft. I'm broken again."

Dr. Jenn Turner "It's your cuboid"


"Your cuboid. Here..."

"OW! Mother of..."


"WHOA. SWEET! You ARE a magician!"

Runnin' In Circles

I blogged about my 10k treadmill run, but I never really mentioned how much of a price I paid for that stupid move. The fact that I ran 10k wasn't the issue, it was that I did it on a treadmill and simply kept upping the speed and attempting to hang on. In the end I felt great, for about an hour, and then my right ankle felt like it'd taken a bullet. I was unable to even walk without a limp, let alone run. The only beneficial thing that subsequently transpired was that I got sick and ended up having to take nine full days off anyways. By the time I had gotten over the flu my heal/ankle had come around and my lesson was learned. On the advice of Curb Ivanic I hit the track and ran in fully self propelled circles, instead of a treadmill assisted speed workout. In the end I am undecided as to what sucks more?

I Ran A Marathon

Over a span of six days that is...and I couldn't have been happier to have knocked down a six day mini running streak!

Mon 14th: Strength w/ Curb
Tue: 3.2k / 17min
Wed: 6.5k / 33min
Thu: 10k / 52 1/2min
Fri: 5.3k / 28min
Sat: 10.5k / 52min
Sun: 9.2k / 47min

Of course every run looked like this:
But whatever, it's all about the small victories right now right!

My First Trail Run In Almost Five Months!

With the news of a healthy foot yesterday I finally got back onto the trails for the first time since Oct 26th! A 14km jaunt out to Norvan Falls and back felt like an ultra but for all the right reasons. (1h23m)

Thankfully my body was ok with the distance, pace, and terrain I covered yesterday and I managed another trail run today of 12km in 1h08m with the first 5km being all uphill. It was a fantastically beautiful day by all definitions and as I sat in the sun at the top of my climb I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. It's been a long journey back to the trails but all things considered the timing of it all could not have worked out better. There's still a long road ahead before I manage to get into race shape, and I know it won't be an easy process, but, mark my words. I'll be 'Showing Up' at Western States and I'll definitely be 'Showing Up' at UTMB!!

Songs o Da Week (I saw these guys in concert with Bon Jovi in 97)



Edward Sargisson said...

Gary, bud,
If it helps any it's been a year since my broken heel and it still hurts when I extend things a bit. It does get better slowly. i.e. the back to back 30kms I did a few weeks back knocked me for a week but the back to back 35kms I did last weekend haven't.


William said...

That's great news, keep on truckin'

mrC said...

welcome back g-man. be smart out there. if u wanna run in the day next week lemme know. i might be able to keep up, or at least stand on your foot if you start ramping it up... :p


Anonymous said...

Stoked to see that your back at it. I know how it feels io be down and out with a busted foot. Run smart and hope to run with you soon.


Curb said...

Told you it was all good. Now it's time to get your mojo back!!!

Unknown said...

G! Great the long run this will all make sense but for now you just have to count your blessings and be happy you can run with spring now here!! Can't wait to catch up!
Aim (ie. your biggest fan!)

Hone said...

Awesome. When everyone else is burnt out you will be losing sleep because of excitement.

HollyV said...

good stuff!! how was the trail out to norvan? thinking of going out there next week.

Anonymous said...

Great news Gary! Looking forward to seeing you zip by me on the trails soon. Saw the youtube for Mont Blanc Ultra! WOW!!! Enjoy the training!

Cheers, Jill