August 17, 2010

WCT Ladder Work

Yes, this is 100% me trying to buy more time till I can actually get to my run report. I'm flying to Newfoundland tomorrow morning and attempting the 220km East Coast Trail on Friday, starting at 4am.

This video is just a slight glimpse into the substantial ladder work that is contained within the West Coast Trail. My GoPro headcam died with about 20km to go and I was not able to capture the most daunting of these structures.

These were the 'warm up ladders' early on in the run. A friend who has tackled the trail a few times himself says there must be a full kilometer of ladder work upon the 75km trail. Though that sounds quite high, I'd have to say he's not far off in his guesstimate.

Back to packing...then work...then a few hours sleep before boarding the plane home!!!


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