August 10, 2010

Two More WCT Vids

Coupla more vids till I can get to my run report. I've been working every day since coming off of the trail on Wednesday afternoon so it's been tough for me to get to things so far. I finally have a big day off tomorrow which should allow me to catch up on things properly.



Boris T said...

Wow 170$ permit? That's crazy!

Nice video from the trail.

Olga said...

You are amazing! I started the trail in Bamfield same day as you and did it in 6 days and I still have trouble moving around my house. I've never hiked a terrain so difficult before. After it rained the last 2 days where just brutal. I called my bf on Thursday and he looked up your record. Everyone on the trail was talking about you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gary! We were the three couples you met in the campground and we took some photos of you. We were constantly asking people if they saw you running through and many, many did! We all thought of you the entire time because we could barely finish in SEVEN days and we were fit! We will send a photo of the group asap.

Well done, we will be making a donation to Right to Play in your name. Incredible accomplishment and you motivated us when we struggled to go on...
Cheers, Simon and Sharon