July 29, 2010

A Burning White River Of Death...

I would just like to wish all runner's partaking in this weekend's Burning River, White River and Canadian Death Race the best of luck!

-Burning River 100 Miler in Ohio, the US Championships this year. I'm not about to review the list of who's who racing it as I'm tight for time. Best of luck to all round good guy and great runner Nathan Yanko out of San Fran though. Met the guy at HURT, got to know him a bit at MIWOK and have become a fan. He's made this a goal race which means he'll be right in it to win it!

-White River 50 Miler in Washington. Again not time to review a list of who's who, all I'll say is that Canada is sending 'The A TEAM'! Aaron Heidt and Adam Campbell who ran Trans Rockies Run together last year are both heading down. Let's hear it for a 1-2 Red and White finish...though Montrail runner Dakota Jones, along with many others, might have something to say about that!

-Canadian Death Race, 125k in Grande Cache Alberta. My name is still on the starting list...but unfortunately I won't be racing it. I struggled with this decision right up until Monday before accepting that it's just not possible for me to successfully run
1) Death Race 125k
2) WCT 75k and
3) ECT 220k
in a span of five weeks...I know, toughen the hell up right!

My initial schedule called for a WCT speed attempt in May and once that proved impossible due to unfavorable trail conditions I realized TDR might be the piece of the puzzle that would no longer fit. It will be a mixed reaction weekend as I watch this one go down, but since my 'Conquer The Coasts' was announced in support of Right To Play it has taken priority over all other endeavors.

My personal speed attempt upon The West Coast Trail will happen NEXT WEDNESDAY August 3rd!! Excited, nervous, and anxious to finally attempt to make this dream a reality!

Back to The Death Race for a second, again I'm not about to reference starting lists but here's my take on what I currently know:

The Women's race will be INTENSE! Even with two of Canada's top female ultra runner's having to give it a miss, that being Jen Segger and Tamsin Anstey, the field is still stacked. It's really too bad because this would have been the first time all these incredibly talented women would have faced each other head to head.

You still have:
-Ellie Greenwood
-Tracy Garneau
-Denise McHale
-Nikki Kimball??

Ellie just got accepted onto the UK 100k team for World's this fall. If she knocks that run outta the park as many expect her to than the annual 'Ultra Runner Of The Year' voting could come down to Ellie vs Tracy. Tracy having won HURT, American River, and WS is on a HUGE ROLL. Can anyone stop her right now? Denise, Ellie, and possibly Nikki will certainly push her to the max. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!


Is Hal Koerner running? I've heard yes and no? Here's what I do know:

-Phil Villeneuve
-Adam Hill
-Jack Cook
-Greg McHale
-Simon Donato

Not quite as exciting as the women's though Jack Cook is a multiple winner and current CR holder. Even if Hal shoes up I'm giving the nod to Phil on this one, and that's simply based upon his INCREDIBLE technical running abilities. He's been training like a madman for this specific race as well so I know he's dialed and ready to compete. Hard to bet against Hal, but gotta go with a good old Canadian boy!

The REAL QUESTION that will need answering at The Death Race...
How many of the men, if any, can prevent being 'skirted'? With a field of women like this, they'll all be running scared!

Best of luck to everyone!


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Scott McMurtrey said...

another fun weekend to be a fan of ultrarunning for sure. Good luck on your speed attempt!