June 04, 2010

New 700km Trail + BC Trail Records Tracker

Two exciting posts I picked up today, first is that there is a newly proposed and almost completed 700km tip to tip trail on Vancouver Island. The 'Vancouver Island Spine Trail'


A proposed trail from Victoria in the south to Cape Scott at the northern tip of the Island. The route is an inland route that passes near many communities, yet retains its wilderness character, following historic routes and completed trails where they exist. Approximately 700km long, the “VISpine” is an adventure opportunity that will provide a recreational route for residents and tourists through the beautiful back country of Vancouver Island.

Consider it added to the ever growing 'to do' list!

That ties directly into this (yes that's my ugly mug), a full listing of BC long distance wilderness running records. First and fastest, male and female. Help em fill in the blanks if you know of someone who's completed one of these routes...if not then the first baggers rights are still wide open!

Here's to a summer full of back country running adventures!

Thanks to 'TrainHarder.com' for the VISPINE heads up and David Crerar for organizing the BC trail record tracker



Club Fat Ass said...

Thanks for the link to the Club Fat Ass trail record tracker, Gary. I am actually amazed on how many blanks there are...so if anybody knows of firsts and fastests, please respond on the Club Fat Ass website to fill the gaps. Please also feel free to share the post on your blog/twitter/Facebook etc.

Gary Robbins said...

Yes indeed, still lots of great adventures to be had!