June 02, 2010

Need A Coach? Have Training Questions?

This is who I've decided to turn to. Mike McIvor over at Peak Centre For Human Performance has been someone I've heard about locally for years. After a brief sit down with him in early April I decided to cease self coaching for the foreseeable future, and I've handed over control to Mike.

The best part about going with someone like Mike, via a Centre like Peak, is that you have access to a full training facility. We did a VO2 Max and Lactic Threshold test to see where my fitness was at, and Mike was immediately able to tell me exactly how I had been training over the last few years.

We are going to address foot speed and climbing and when we retest in a few months time we will have full scientific data to reference. You just can't get this stuff from your average coach.

There are Peak Centre's across Canada and they have a huge list of very talented people behind the scenes. If you have any training questions yourself drop him a line at mike@peakcentrevancouver.ca

Here's a fun video I put together from my testing with him in April...



Anonymous said...

That cannot be cheap.

I assume you have a little help from sponsors, etc.?

salonMonster stephen said...

Mike is great!

If you've spent the money on a heart rate monitor then doing this is totally worth the cost. It's the most accurate way to assess your training zones and better target your efforts.

Before doing this test I'd spent most of my time training in my "Junk Zone".

garobbins said...

Honestly I don't consider this to be expensive at all!

As below a two hour total session giving you the vital info that you would need to train smart is only $135. That's less than the majority of people will spend on their next pair of shoes, and it's not like you have to spend this money more than once if you do not choose to.

At the very least I do feel anyone serious about their training should have a LT test so that they know their exact HR zones and can better learn how NOT TO train. As SP mentioned, most people 'waste' a lot of training time on 'junk miles'. Better info = better results!

Lactate Analysis to Max:

·Identifies your precise aerobic training zones
·5 Speed/power zones defined
·5 Heart rate zones defined
·Consultation with one of our exercise physiologists to explain the science of training, what the results mean and how you can use them to improve your training

COST: $135.00 + GST

This is the basic assessment that will identify your training zones. The assessment is conducted in two 1-hr sessions: the assessment and the consultation.

Deanna Stoppler said...

I probably would have fallen over if I had to put my hand down for the blood sample. I'm wobbly on treadmills! Are there any Peak centers in the U.S.?

garobbins said...

Yeah I've pretty much fallen off of treadmills before as well...not that I've ever really put in any serious time on that torture device!

No Peak Centre's in the US unfortunately...now you have yet another great excuse to come to Canada!