April 08, 2010

Training Through It - Diez Vista 50k

Didn't I just race a 50k yesterday? Kinda feels like that, but with Diez Vista being exactly three weeks prior to the Miwok 100k in San Francisco on May 1st, it makes for the perfect tune up race heading into the biggie!

What initially looked like it might be a two horse race, with myself and Chris Downie both competing at Miwok and both training through this one, now appears to have turned into a fairly competitive outing!

With a solid high intensity 130km of running last week, and an additional 160km this week, with 90km pre-race and a hopeful 20km on Sunday, this might be a bit of a leg burner for me...but I'm still shooting for nothing but an improvement upon last years course record of 4h15m.

How I think it'll break down:

Phil Villeneuve: Trans Rockies stud and recent course record setter upon the 25km Rubble Creek Classic

Chris Downie: Solid all rounder who trains as hard as anyone out there

Jacek Doniec: Recent winner of the 50k Dirty Duo in a very respectable 4h09m with a snow covered course

Darin Bentley: Plenty experienced on DV and ran solid 4h20 at Chuck three weeks back

Dustin Heidt: Last name HEIDT, need I say more! Used to consistently be at the top of the 5Peaks trail races. Yes it's Aaron's brother and YES they're ALL FAST!!

Mark Bennett: Third overall last year, but closing in on 50 now...an ageless wonder?

Last year I ran completely solo from the top of the first climb until the finish line, this year looks like I might get to visit 'the pain cave' early and often. I'm really looking forward to running against another good field of runners. Like I said before, this sport is getting faster by the day! I hope I can still keep up this weekend.




I'm checking your blog as my 'research' for running DV. You have such great race recaps and GPS maps.
Here I hope to finish the damn thing and its your 'training run'! You've come a looong way. Amazing!

Derrick said...

Should be a great race this weekend. Good luck and have fun!

I think I read on Darin's blog that he's injured and may not be running. Too bad.

Aaron said...

While I think Dustin will run very strong, it is by far the longest race he's ever run (by at least 25km) and he says he'll be happy just finishing... He'll be up there though.

garobbins said...

Hope you make it out this weekend Heather! It'd be great to finally catch up with you.

Yeah I heard from Darin today and he is indeed injured right now. Sucks. Hopefully he won't be out too long!

Let us not forget what another Heidt did in his first ultra!


Adamo said...

Aaron, yes, that "happy to finish" line, while true, is still a half truth.
Phil has never raced a 50k, but has done lots of hard runs in the ultra distance and is a good technical runner.
Sounds like a good one. Man, I wish I could race!

Tom Craik said...

Villeneuve is an experienced and smart racer. He'll likely be in the all-intimidating Salomon S-Labs too so watch out for that. Anything bright red, like superman's boots and cape, has to be strong. Good luck out there, GR.