April 28, 2010

Miwok 100k Follow Along (Roxy Draw Update)

OK, first and foremost, the Roxy draw...it's 30% done...do I even bother trying to splain why that is?? Long story short, technical difficulties that I'm hoping to resolve before I leave tomorrow for Seattle and then San Fran, but I can't guarantee I'll get er done. SORRY, but I promise it'll be worth it when I get it all finalized!! If I can squeeze it in tomorrow morning I can edit it on the flight down.


100km, this Saturday with lots on the line and an absolutely SMOKINGLY stacked field of racers!

I've run this race once before, in 2008. It was my first ever 100k and at the time I was still dealing with calf issues that forced most of my training onto the road bike. I was doing quite well for myself late in the race, around 85k, running in 8th and on pace for a sub 9hr run. I was running just back of Topher Gaylord who ended up 7th in a time of 8h51m...but I was finding it all a bit too easy so I decided to customize my own 105km course and in the end I finished 12th in 9h22m...I've pretty much been counting down the days since then to right this wrong!

Here's how to follow along live on Saturday morning. We start at 5:40am Pacific.

I'll also most likely have my awesome crew, Ken Michal from Running Stupid, hitting up my phone to update my Twitter Feed

The Race Itself:

Men's and Women's races are absolutely filled with top notch talent, here's my quick take on things.

In 14 years only two people have cracked 8h20m, Dave Mackey in 08 with the current course record of 7h53m and Lon Freeman in 07 with 8h09m, and only five total runners have eclipsed 8h30m. The record books will be rewritten this weekend.

FOUR guys will go under 8h20m, it's just a matter of who that is and how low they go. There will also be a massive pack of guys in the 8h30m range all pushing each other to their limits. As I see it right now, it's a bit of a two horse race at the front as Anton Krupicka and Michael Wardian are the alphas of the field. Hal Koerner looks to be the third favorite heading into this weekend, and from there, the list is just ridiculous

-Anton Krupicka
-Michael Wardian
-Hal Koerner
-Nathan Yanko
-Zach Gingerich
-Glenn Redpath
-Chris Downie
-Rod Bien
-Erik Skaden
-Brett Rivers
-Lewis Taylor
-Topher Gaylord
-Chris Rennaker
AND a host more guys who's names I recognize that will all be on that 9hr barrier

Again, too many to choose from. Apparently one of the pre-race favorites, Anita Ortiz, is out due to injury. Only one woman has cracked 9hr before, that being the legendary Ann Trason way back in 2001. Her CR is 8h55m, Kami has the next two fastest all time performances. With this much competition and an apparently buff course with perfect weather forecast, I think you might just see two women break the 9hr time frame!

-Kami Semick
-Devon Crosby-Helms
-Krissy Moehl
-Amy Sproston
-Prudence L'heureux
-Bree Lambert
-Helen Cospolich
-Darcy Africa
-plus many top ranked that I don't personally recognize


Let the crazy fast ultra running times for 2010 continue to roll!!!



Derrick said...

Good luck Gary. You'll do great. Hope to see the rest of the Canadians run well too.

aka Moogy said...

Sending positive vibes. Represent!!!

Deb said...

Dude, you're gonna rock it! I'm excited for you...kick some butt!

Jason Eads said...

If this list of insane crazies doesn't pique the interest of fellow ultrarunners, I don't know what will. It's going to be RIDICULOUS fast. Run like you stole something GR!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a race this will be! Can't wait to hear how it all shakes out. Good luck!

Vince said...

Good luck Gary! I love that race! Tough course, top-notch field! I hope you have better weather than we had last year!


Anonymous said...

Good luck Bro! Make sure you keep your head up for corners!


Anonymous said...

This is gonna be AWESOME!!

All Day!

Unknown said...

Good luck GR. Nice pics by the way ;) I know the person who took them!!!

Darin said...


Ken said...

Good Luck Gary! See you down there. Weather looks awesome.

Tom Craik said...

Have a great time, GR. Literally and figuratively.