March 23, 2010

Like A Bird

FIRST AND FOREMOST, my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that I've been patiently sitting on for the last few months will officially be announced on Thursday morning...

Short n sweet, I was amazingly fortunate to have a professional cameraman jump with me in Snohomish a few weeks back. He was kind enough to forward along the following pics and video to me for a nominal charge. I was going to try to edit up the movie with music and bells and whistles but in the end I figured I'd leave it pure...which is to say I got lazy! (it's worth skipping from 2min to 3min to see the landing if it starts to drag a bit when the chute opens)

(Double click the pic to open the picasa album)

HUGE THANKS TO BILL KELLY for his generosity in forwarding this along to me!!

Live With Passion, Pursue Your Dreams, and remember
"Tomorrow is promised to no one"
Walter Payton



Derrick said...

Very cool!

Laura H said...

Totally cool!!

Tom Craik said...

You're so lucky to have somebody film and snap that experience. I'm no photographer, but I don't think it's easy to get those angles on a skydiver. What a cool memory...and a romantic birthday gift.

Deanna Stoppler said...

Nice! I like your facial expressions as you are exiting the plane. Totally cool.

garobbins said...

I loved seeing it after the fact cause I had no idea I was ready to cry before jumping outta the plane!

Yeah, I was VERY lucky to have this guy along, that's the perfect souvenir from the trip for sure!