February 28, 2010

Vancouver Goes Crazy!! (video)

It was eight years and two Olympics ago that Canada last won Gold in Men's hockey. I was working in Fort St. John at the time and was stuck out in the oil patch listening to the game on a truck radio. We won that one 5-2 and Canada went crazy. I promised myself that the next time we made it to a Gold Medal Final I'd be sure to get the day off of work.

I had managed that much, but over the last few days I'd come down with the flu. I spent all of last night up with a fever and instead of being on the 'sea bus' (water taxi) into Vancouver at 7:30am to watch the game at a large venue with some friends, I found myself stuck to the couch while the Canadian Men battled it out against our bitter rivals from South of the border.

We managed to squeak out the victory in sudden death overtime, and with that we also set the RECORD FOR MOST GOLD MEDALS EVER WON IN A WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES!! There was no way I was going to miss out on the massive celebration that would inevitably ensue in downtown Vancouver, so I downed some meds and forced myself to suck it up for a few hours.

I only managed about ninety minutes of energy before I ended up having to turn around and call it a day...bit it was SO WORTH IT...

I've always been a proud Canadian, but over these last seventeen days that pride has swelled beyond belief.

To all of Canada's Olympic Athletes, THANK YOU. You've unified a Nation, showed off our country to the world, and given us reason to celebrate every single day of these games. Let's not forget that The Paralympics begin on March 12th, so lets keep those flags flying high!!



Boris T said...

What great games! Our boys and girls did us proud.

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Dom Repta said...

AWESOME!!!!!!! amazing 2 weeks!