December 04, 2009

Funny Fridays, Ode To My B.Day Pup

YES, I love my dog and I'm going to be 'that dog owner' who gushes about their pet! Roxy just turned 4 on Tues Dec 1st, though I was busy/working that day so I didn't tell her it was her B.Day till Wed Dec 2nd, when I was off for the day and I could treat her properly.

We headed out for a beautiful trail run on a spectacular December day and then followed it up with a $10 dog bone treat, amongst other treats as well of course. She was then pampered like a good woman should be on their 4th / 28th birthday, how does that dog year conversion work again?

Anyways, these are two short vids from when Roxy was just 1yr old, first she was trying to figure out what was attached to her ass, and second my then girlfriend was teaching her some pretty cool tricks...I always meant to follow through on training her to grab beer cans but somehow we just ended up running trails together instead! I've also attached my favorite five shots that were easily accessible in a thirty second search.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROXY!! You've enriched my life more than I ever dreamed an animal could do, and the fact that you make me laugh out loud at least once a day is a testament to that. You're the best!

(I can't believe how small she is in this vid!)



Derrick said...

Happy Birthday Roxy!

Tom Craik said...

Just for the day you should change your blog to:

Roxy Robbins, Endurance Pooch.

She must be getting old. She had some incontinence issues going on while you were back east. Whatever she had though, Happy Birthday, Roxy Robbins, Endurance Pooch!

Sara Montgomery said...

Roxy, you are seriously cute, funny and smart! Happy Brwoofday!

p.s. Go fetch a cold beer! Good Girl! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute! but I hate to break the bad news .... dogs usually chase their tails because they have fleas. The fleas often start at the base of the tail and chasing is usually because it is itchy and they wants to scratch.

Gary Robbins said...

Roxy Robbins, Endurance Pooch already has her own blog, FB fan page and twitter site Tom, get with it!
We know it wasn't fleas cause we instigated the whole thing by playing with her tail till she decided to start chasing it. You'll notice that everytime she stops, her tail curls into her butt and tickles her just enough to chase it again...funny pooch!


Shaner said...

Nice canine you have there! I can definitely see why you like to run with her!