December 26, 2009

The Countdown To Hawaii

Though she might still argue otherwise, Tamsin has been improving daily. It's a stupidly lengthy recovery process, but like I've already said, she'll blow the Doctors estimates out of the water. She's still on crutches, she's still in constant pain, but I've seen her smile and heard her laugh again, and that means the world to me!

Since I finished work on Christmas Eve at 2pm I've done nothing but spend time with my wonderful girlfriend and her amazing family, talk daily with my own folks, and run...lots and lots of running. In the last 51hr I've managed to log 123km, and the scary part is that I feel great! I think the week off due to the stress surrounding Tamsin's health was actually a beneficial thing for my own body. I seemed to be on the verge of a few things shutting down, but have felt surprisingly good since getting back at it again. As long as I hit my intended 30km tomorrow, I'll manage 100 miles / 160km of running this week. Having run only 8km in the first three days I'll take this as a PB/PR of sorts, almost 160km in four days.

With only one week of mileage left to go I've set a pretty lofty number to achieve in my final 10 days of training. So far so good. We'll see how the next seven days treat me.

Today was AMAZING! A low level fog had buried North Vancouver, but just up the street it was nothing but blue skies and warm temps. I managed a solid 40k over tough terrain which should mimic the H.U.R.T. course nicely! I ran the Cap-Pacific Trail up onto BCMC (Grouse Grind), across the ski hill...only getting in shit from two ski patrollers along the way...and rightfully so of course, back down Mtn Hwy, along the Baden Powell (I heart the BP) and down Mos Creek. All in all an awesome day! Quick pics, n I'm outta here!




I wish the best for Tamsin. By the sounds of it her great attitude will certainly help her healing.She will rock- If anything, you might have to pull the reins a bit. Swelling? got a cryocuff??.
Great mileage Gary. Impressive usual.

Vince said...

Hey Gary, I didn't know you were running HURT! I ran with a group today of which several are doing HURT...should be a good Canadian representation. I just got back from the Aloha State! The weather was fantastic. I love that place!

Gotta run,

saschasdad said...

Dude - 123 k's in 51 hours!? That's sick! You are one fit Canadian who's ready to rock HURT!

My best wishes to Tamsin for a full and efficient recovery!

mrC said...

good luck in HURT. don't hurt yourself...