October 29, 2009

MMTR Ramblings

Since I just realized that I'm about to post back to back Funny Friday clips I figured I should throw something else up here in between. Trouble is I can't say a hell of a lot of interest has been going down lately, yet life is really good and I find myself in a very positive place right now! That is not to say that life is boring, far from it, there's just more of a routine to things these days. Oh yeah, worth mentioning is that I just completed my schooling towards becoming a Can-Fit-Pro certified Personal Trainer! Less than a month till my written exam and just over a month till my practical...which means I should be in those books and not presently stuck on here!! I'll be looking to roll out some running specific circuit training courses and run analysis programs by about mid-Jan if all goes well!

The last few weeks were trying as I experienced a calf injury after my half marathon road run. I was stressed over if I'd recover in time for Mountain Masochist next weekend, and I lost out on the final week of mileage I was hoping to log.

After coming away from the running and focusing on the biking and active recovery my calf slowly came around. I had my second sports massage today and am happy and relieved to report that I am/will be 100% for next weekends race...and lucky that with the field of runners who will be showing up! It's top two or nothing this time round and with four established speedsters toeing the line, along with last years third place overall and local runner Jeremy Ramsey, which means it's going to be INTENSE!!

The advantage I have going into the race is that I now know the course and I have an actual game plan around it this year. My prediction is that at least one of the top three favorites (Nunes, Krupicka, Roes) will blow up...and I'll just have to be faster than one other man...which isn't entirely fair since I've just passed over Freeman and Ramsey without mention. Lon dropped last year at the mid-way point due to injuries, and I have not followed Lon enough this year to even know if he's on top of his game right now or not?

I know what I'm shooting for and that's a sub 7hr run time. There have only been seven guys in the 26 year history of the event who have accomplished this, and not once has someone run a sub seven and not finished top two...who knows, maybe that won't even be enough this time around!!

What I do know however is that I have that in me. I'm good to go, I'm prepared for this race, and right now I just can't wait for it to be here already!!

Oh yeah, and watch out for the two local North Shore girls I'll be accompanied by along the way. I think they could both be sitting on their big breakout U.S. race in just eight days time!!



Nicola Gildersleeve said...


Scootch Leg was hilarious!!!!!

Cant wait to fly out on Thursday!

garobbins said...

YEAH, the countdown is on!


Jeremy Ramsey said...

Should be a really interesting race up front this year. As for me...I can't keep up with you speedsters. See you in a couple days.

garobbins said...

You lying sandbagger!! I guarantee we'll be right on each others heels all day long!