August 04, 2009

Stormy ALL CALL OUT For Vollies & Pacers

The Stormy 50 and 100 miler happens this weekend, and unfortunately, as is the case most years, they are desperate for volunteers to help make this race happen. Personally I'll be stuck at work till 7pm on Friday and back in again at 9:30am on Sat, so I figure the least I can do is throw this out there and hope that one or two people might be able to step up and help out for a few hours. If you might be free to do so please drop me a line and I'll get you into contact with R.D. Wendy Montgomery. There are also numerous runners who are hoping to link up with a pacer for the race. Again, if you might be able to help out, please lemme know and I'll get you into contact with a few of the ladies looking for assistance.

Rumor has it that recent 'Sinister Seven' winner Chris GT Downie is gonna be shooting for the 100m course record of 17h39m. I honestly think that Stormy is runnable in under 16hr, especially given that the start time has now been bumped back to 10am instead of the previous time of noon. Getting an additional 2hr of daylight will be a huge benefit to runners, and if I were fortunate enough to be racing it this year that's what I'd be shooting for. Instead, I'll be heading to Colorado in just a few more weeks time to tackle the Trans Rockies with teammate Tamsin Anstey. CAN'T WAIT!!



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Anonymous said...

Good luck to you brother. Sure hate to miss ya but ya gotta do what ya gotta do right. I'll catch you out there sometime I'm sure. I got something big planned for next May but it's too soon to let out of the bag just yet. I asked Ryne if he'd help me and he told me to keep him posted. Could always use another strong pacer of your caliber. I'll send you a message about what I'm thinking on facebook. Again good luck to you guys and give'em hell.