August 12, 2009

Comments On 'Tour Divide' Race Site R Not Mine!

I just had to take a quick second to say that apparently there is another Gary Robbins out there who is at least somewhat involved in the endurance world. I recently received an e-mail from the co-race director of the epic bike journey that is known as The 'Tour Divide', which is basically a self supported 4400km mountain bike journey from Banff to New Mexico!!

This 'alternate G.R.' and I have very differing opinions on the subjects he posted on, pardon me for saying so, but some of his comments were truly ridiculous and I just want to be sure that I am not associated with these whatsoever!

Oh and in case you were wondering, yeah this race has most certainly be added to my ever growing 'To Do' list!



Karl said...

Just how ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird? Over the past coulpe of years I've found out there are two other Dave Wakefields that run ultras. One on the east coast and one from Montana.

Scott said...

Last week I saw a Gary Robbins on "America's most wanted", and he was runnin' from the law. I guess that would make him a sprinter.

garobbins said...

Yeah just wanted to be sure no one out there was thinking it was me being negative towards the organization!
Ummm, I didn't say anything about not being on America's Most Wanted though...I was never convicted of anything!!