September 22, 2008

Frosty Mtn Success and MOMAR Countdown

This past weekend was the 1st annual Frosty Mountain 50k ultra...and NO, I was not racing it, although I would have loved to have been there. In fact if I were not racing the next two consecutive weekends I would have been there for sure!

Race Director Gottfried Grosser and organizer Heather Macdonald apparently put off a flawless event and it's been getting nothing but rave reviews from all involved! On top of a downright incredible mountainous 50k singletrack route, there were the finish line goodies, straight out of Gottfried's bakery of course! I was sad to have missed out on this one and can't wait to be there in 09. Check out some of these pics...

Taken on your standard digi cam these absolutely speak for themselves! The fact that this race takes place right at the Northern tip of the Pacific Crest Trail, in Manning Park, B.C. ensures that it can draw racers from The Lower Mainland, The Okangan, and even some 'wannabe Canadian's' from down South!! Not sure what permitting allows for race numbers, but can assure it will approach the limit in 2009.

This year's winner was, "Some guy named Chad who drives a Lotus!"

I then recognized the name Chad Ulansky but could not for the life of me figure out why, until I saw the finisher photos. Chad has been amongst Canada's top adventure racers for years now, racing on Supplier Pipeline, and I kinda met him at Raid The North Extreme last year. Apparently he mines for diamonds...and apparently he's quite good at it! Check out his race resume, or what I could quickly find, he finished 16th at Marathon Des Sables 2003!! Just one more shining example of the caliber of athletes involved in adventure racing. He'd probably win a mtn bike and kayak race immediately following Frosty Mtn if it were available to do!

The Cumberland MOMAR is only days away and with record numbers it's going to be the most competitive field we've ever seen...wishing I had been riding my bike more now!
Check out Todd's update as he gives a full rundown of who to keep an eye on this weekend.

And finally, Shane Ruljancich of Victoria B.C. has finally made his way into the world of blogging. He'll be making an appearance at this weekend's MOMAR with teammate Garth Campbell. They scooped the category during my unscheduled absence from the race in July, where Todd took the overall without me of course...greedy bastard!



Anonymous said...


You need to let us know about these races BEFORE they happen so we can do them...

Good luck this w/e

garobbins said...

Sorry Aaron, didn't even think you might be interested in this one. Would have been a good race for you as well...I'll be sure to keep you in the loop from now on!