July 24, 2008

Will This Be A Blast, Or Will It Blow?

Seems blogging has its benefits. I got a call late last night from a few friends who read that I was not racing the MOMAR this weekend. They have planned a round Mount Saint Helens run for this coming weekend, leaving North Van after work tomorrow. Apparently the run is about 30 miles or 50k and there is still quite a bit of snow on sections of it...obviously I jumped at the chance to do this and am super excited about running some new terrain with some good friends! Should be an adventure either way!



The Chaser said...

wow..very cool. I have to imagine that is a LONG way.

garobbins said...

I've been told the drive time is about 6hr, minus border delays, but that remains to be seen!

Anonymous said...

Well Gary- if it makes you feel any better I, too, have had to skip the shawnigan MOMAR... I broke my ankle at work on Thursday and am awaiting surgery to have plates and pins put in... Guess it serves me right for picking on you!!!
Erika :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

How'd the Mt St Helens run go? When did you hit the snow line?
Talk to ya soon,

Mr. Sleepmonsters.ca

garobbins said...

-HOLY CRAP Erika, now THAT'S what I call a good excuse not to race! Hope the recovery goes well.

-Doug, we camped in the snow, but had very little issue with it otherwise. One tough trail, that's for sure. Will post all about it tomorrow.