July 09, 2008

Quick Update

Ok, after funny boy Tom Craik throws down a comment like 'you complete me', I realize it's definitely time to get off my ass and change the last posting on my blog!!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who checks out this blog and to everyone who took the time to throw down a comment, minus Tom and Duncan, as per usual!

It seems like five days is my absolute limit for sitting still and on Monday I forced myself through a very, ridiculously slow, 2hr hike/run. I was worried about the abdominal pain more than anything, but I did not feel it at all. I could certainly feel my hip, but it has also been steadily improving, so I think I will be able to cross that injury off the list by the end of this week, or so I hope. More than anything it felt amazing to be back on my feet again...it's been a full month since I've run anything...sacrilege to say the least! Even Roxy was in shock when she noticed me grabbing my trail runners. I followed up that run with another 2hr on Tues up Lynn Peak and a third, still painfully slow, 2hr effort tonight out to Norvan Falls..side note, forgetting to tape nipples is a rookie mistake...forgetting to tape for three straight days is just plain stupid!

(Roxy posing in front of the remains of some old growth)

Anyways, I'm definitely feeling way better than I was after pulling out of the race last week and am hoping to slowly start building up my running miles again. I could've swore that right after I called it a race, one week ago, I mumbled some crap about taking a full month off to rest and recover...then I started processing the actual possibility of missing out on my first 100 mile ultra run, right up the street in Squamish, on August 9th (Stormy). I've got three weeks to get my legs back in shape, and that means no tapering for this guy!

I intended to start in on my post mortem tonight but was gleefully surprised to find that Todd had posted his own race report, and this should garner me at least another two days of blog slacking!

(Couple of pics from tonights 'run'. I don't know that I've ever come across an owl like this while out on the trails in the daytime, and there were three of them!)



Anonymous said...

Nice hooters!


Anonymous said...

Hey Gary!
Glad you are starting to feel better! You still gonna make Shawnigan MOMAR?
He he on the Hooters comment- good one... :)

Anonymous said...

Great work, hilarious blog. With long runs on a camping trip (and no bandaids) my husband feels your pain... he was hoping he would ''toughen up"" but it diddn't work.

I also feel your pain. As another Physio and 40 yo trail runner trying to compete with the elites I have a new quote I made up;
" There is a fine line between injury and Victory!"


Deanna Stoppler said...


Spotting an owl is a good sign!

garobbins said...

-Not sure about MOMAR yet
-Don't encourage him!
-Yeah nipples just don't seem to toughen up! Love the quote, very similar to a friends sentiments, 'there's a fine line between winning and dnfing'
-I thought so too, I think it's been close to eight years since I've seen an owl...crazy!

Anonymous said...

Gary- you gotta do MOMAR Shawnigan and redeem yourself- as my hubby says- your 3 strikes are up- dethroned at MOMAR Squamish, and 2 DNFs! Time to get your crown back- bad luck comes in 3's so you are due for a win! Plus I am a crazy pregnant woman and I say you must at least show up... I'll buy you a wheat free beer...
:) Erika