June 26, 2008

Primal Quest Is Not...Cancelled That Is

The other big race that is normally scheduled for this time of year is Primal Quest.

PQ Utah 06, the last edition of this race, was my first ever expedition and an incredible experience from start to finish. This years teams are a few days in and it's just as exciting as ever to pull up the leaderboard and the GPS tracking.

Our good friends from just down the coast, Team Dart-Nuun are right in the thick of things and battling it out with some of the top teams in the world right now! My personal pick for the win, and I swear this is not just a patriotic choice, are Team Peak Adventure.com, which is formerly Supplier Pipeline and then Yukon Wild. This is Bob Miller's team out of Ontario, with Denise and Greg McHale hailing from The Yukon, and Scott Ford also from Ontario. How do those flat landers get so damn fast? They have been right in the thick of every major race they've attended over the last few years, including a sprint finish for 4th place at PQ Utah. I think they're ready for this one, and I know they have managed to out pace team Nike in a few races over the last year, so we'll see how it all plays out over the next few days.

Another team I'm rooting for is 'Dancing Pandas' our good friends from Southern California. They are currently in 20th, but I can virtually guarantee they will end up as a top ten team but the time they cross the finish line, as they have a ton of experience, rarely make mistakes, and follow a solid race plan from start to finish.

Good luck everyone, we're cheering ya on from the comfort of our couches at home!



Anonymous said...

hi gary

all the best for the bc bike race!

will be watching and praying for you :)


garobbins said...

Thanks so much Phyllis!