June 20, 2008

Photos From Luke's 100 Miler

Sometimes I think I race too much and don't have enough time to properly reflect back on great experiences. Such is the case here, where I have not been able to fully recap my incredible weekend of running, visiting old friends, and making new friends, while down in Wisconsin two weekend's ago. Here is my photo montage, Luke is currently working on his own blog report, and I'll be sure to get my recap on here before next weekend...cause then I'm off to race B.C. Bike Race for seven straight days!!

BC Bike race is only one of the coolest mountain bike stage races on the planet right now. In only its second season they have long since sold out the 200+ slots for teams of two, which means each day will begin with over 400 riders toeing the line, ready to rip each others lungs out!

This will be a super sweet, dreamy singletrack experience, and I will go into more detail about how incredible this event is and how damn excited I am to be a part of it, in the coming days. For now, here's that slide show from Wisconsin...


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