May 25, 2008

Weekly Recap...

(Ever feel like your world has been turned upside down!)

It's late Sunday and I'm just plain exhausted right now. The reason for this is that I have been fighting getting sick over the last few days, while still trying to get some decent training in as Test Of Metal is just 20 days away now and BC Bike Race just's all about the bike for the next month!

Here's my quick cap of the last week, which was kinda salvaged in the last few days and hopefully I can continue to build on that heading into next week.

Day off of training
Tues: Thunder showers in the AM kept me in bed before work. Kayak races in Deep Cove after work, paddle 1hr high intensity.
Wed: I had Wed-Thur off of work this week and they were supposed to be my big training days. For Wed I had scheduled a 1hr run and a 4hr ride...I did nothing, zero, zilch, nadda...and spent the entire day felling guilty about it. No matter how much self ridden guilt I suffered through I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that to even attempt any training on the day would set me back further over the coming days. It sucked, but I knew that I had to listen to my body and I went about taking care of my ever growing 'to do' list.
Thurs: Thankfully Todd was in town for a few days and as mentioned he dragged and kicked my ass through a solid 2.5hr ride with over 3,000 feet of climbing involved. It sucked to have my ass handed to me on the bike, but was also very beneficial to know that Todd is riding so strong and that I need to regain my focus immediately to have a successful month of racing in June.
Fri: Pre Work, 2hr road ride, Stanley Park
Sat: Pre, 2hr road ride climbing 3300 feet up Mt. Seymour. Post work, UFC 84 Penn vs Sherk at my buddies place.
Sun: Pre, 1hr run. I was amazed to realize that I had not run at all since the previous Sunday, then amazed further to find that I felt very strong on my feet and wished I could have logged a longer run on the day. Tested out my new Nike Plus running foot pod and watch combo, sin music, and loved it! Happy to learn that my 1hr morning run was 7.66 miles or 12.3km. At just $79.98 this thing is a steal of a deal. Cool to finally be able to log my actually running distances on the trails.
Post, 3hr road bike. Solid ride and for the first time since late April I feel as though I am finding my biking legs again. I threw in an extra climb at 2h55m and powered through it to finish off my day and my week of training. The fact that I am coughing as I sit here typing does not concern me cause I've eaten nine oranges since this morning...hopefully I wasn't nine oranges too late.
(Sundown in Van)

Total hours: 11.5
Total scheduled: 20
Hours missed: 9.5
Time I will spend worrying about this: 0
Hours scheduled for the coming week: 20
Percentage of hours I will hit this week: 100%

Over and out,

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