May 03, 2008

Miwok Quick Cap

This is just a very quick recap of todays race:

Although I battled some stomach issues I was having solid race and sitting in 9th at the 60k turn around. The course was a partial, well majority out and back.
I worked my way up to 8th and 6th and 7th were within striking distance. I was on pace for a sub 9hr race which would have been a Canadian record. At 85km I missed a turn and added over 5km and close to 25min to my race!! I managed to get back on course and continue, and in the end finished in a time of 9hr22m and placed 12th. I can take a lot of positives away from this race today, but am still a bit jaded right now as it was very tough to recover mentally after this error. The race director said that every year at least 4-5 people miss this turn, lucky me!

I'll post a blog report in the coming days, but for now, it's on to the beers!!



Anonymous said...

Great job Gary, You still had a very solid race even if you missed a turn. It's a great time and do that for your 1st 100km running race is fantastic !!!. You meant the Canadian Record at Miwok right ??? I.E. The Canadian record for 100 km is 7:30:31 by a fellow name Al Howie...

Anonymous said...

Great Job Gary! Have a good sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Gary! Congrats on finishing your first 100km race! Woo Woo!

Unknown said...

Gary! Turn left, turn left!!!! Muir Beach was pretty scenic so I can partially see why you wanted the detour to see it again!!!!

PS. to the first poster, Canadian 100k Record is actually 6:33 by Andy Jones.


Gary Robbins said...

Thanks for all the congrats guys, and just for the record, I'll never be challenging for the Cdn 100km record as they run that on the flat stuff and I ain't a fan o the flat stuff!! No Cdn had broken 9hr at Miwok before...needless to say I now have my sights set squarely on this in least I know the course now and can't add any distance to it again!