April 03, 2008

My Lame Blog Posting

I wanted to post something today before heading into Diez Vista this weekend, well here it is:

I'm freakin exhausted, I tried biking for 3hr today and only got through 1hr before calling it and I have absolutely zero energy right now. I truly did not realize how spent I was until I was WALKING my dog and found myself to tired to even carry on a cell phone conversation with my family back in Newfoundland. In the last seven days I managed just shy of 23hr of training, as I was trying to free up a day and a half of recovery before my 50k on Sat...I think my body finally demanded a break today. And I'm not about to sandbag here and start making pre race excuses because I still have two sleeps to go and I honestly think I'm going to have a solid race on Saturday. Either way though, I'm all blogged out. Wish me luck.


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