March 07, 2008

The Irony Of It All

I noticed this quote on a New Balance poster at NSA today while I was sitting there torturing myself, yet again, with 'The Stick'.

"The only thing harder than running, is not running"

Pretty much sums it all up right there. Funny thing is that this poster was in the store long before I even knew that North Shore Athletics existed. It is ironic that today just happened to be the first time I actually read the damn thing.

Oh yeah, and the only thing that tops not being able to run, is being told that you are not allowed to run a race. I freakin got shut out of the Knee Knacker lottery last night! It seems like everyone and their dog made it in and I'm stuck on the outside kicking the glass and whining like a twelve year old who had his allowance cut. It's like Grad Night without a date as I seem to know about 60% of the field of runner's. I have decided that the only sensible thing for me to do would be to pre run the course the night before and rip all the flagging maybe I'll just re-route it all to end at the Mosquito Creek Pub and I'll be sitting there, drunk, slobbering, stinking of booze and naked as the day I was born, except for some official K.K. flagging tape dangling from my bits and pieces...I guess this is where I'm supposed to say good luck to all the runner's who made it in...for tonight though, all I can say is screw you ya bastards! (I hope you realize that I am joking when I say this, and venting my frustrations at the same time)

Seriously though, I kinda like that drunk at the pub idea...



Anonymous said...

There, there, Gary, there, there. Don't feel too bad, at least you'll have plenty of company, what with most of your fellow Team Montrail members who also got shut out. Burn!

Hopefully 3rd time's the charm for me, easy for me to say considering this is the third year in a row I got in.


The Chaser said...

I will add that the only thing worse than running is not running and not walking either...

I am going on 2 weeks of crutches from my second knee ACL surgery in two years. Injuries suck, but it does make you appreciate what you do have more, and usually you come back more focused and hungry. Its soooo hard to force yourself to take time in rehab. I need to punch something I think.

ps, love reading your blog stories about crazy adventures!


Gary Robbins said...

Baldwin...maybe I'll see the humor in that in due time...bastard!!

Hannah, good hearing from you again! So true about really appreciating what we are able to do and how much we love it...too bad it can take an injury to realize that! Sorry to hear about yer surgery, hope you can come back stronger then ever and get some more cool pics of yer adventures on yer blog!