February 21, 2008

How's This For A Blog Post

I wish I had more time to blog but I can't believe how busy I have been this week!
Skate skied in The Callahan for 2hr today and saw numbers on my heart rate monitor that I didn't know existed!

6am road ride tomorrow and then a commute to North Van for work. I figure the 90 min bike ride should ease my aggressiveness on the highway...at least I hope that's the case cause I am already dreading this drive.

Proper blog postings to follow again soon, promise.


Matt Hart said...

what are you doing now for work then in n. van.?

Gary Robbins said...

Currently working at the NSA in North Van, but interviewed for a great job today. Went incredibly well and hopefully news regarding that position in the very near future.
Now if only I could run, all would be good!

Jason said...

with views like that who would care about blogging?? Good luck with the job.

Gary Robbins said...

Exactly! Thanks Jason, it's looking good right now.