February 29, 2008

Disappointment...Facing Reality

I have to pull the plug on racing tomorrow, I can feel pain in my calves while I am simply walking and there's absolutely no way that I should consider doing a race right now. The hardest part is that I honestly do not think that the calf pain would slow me down, and believe I could still race strong and do quite well tomorrow...but at what cost?

I went for a hike and road ride with my friend Georgi yesterday and put a lot of thoughts into words, in regards to how I feel, what my season is looking like, and what really matters in terms of racing this year. It's funny how sometimes you just need to vocalize your thoughts to actually hear and listen to them.

Dirty Duo will still be here next year, but I doubt that I would be racing Miwok again next year. The Miwok 100k ultra run on May 3rd in San Fran is an absolute 'A' race for me this season, and the starter's field boasts some of the top runner's in North America and hence the World!! I need to step back and focus on this goal, and this goal alone. Miwok means too much to me to be pushing through unnecessary pain and suffering right now, and to possibly set myself back even further. I've still only run a total of about 15km in three weeks...not exactly what I'd call efficient training for a 100km ultra run!

I need a beer...over and out, and good luck to all D.D. racer's tomorrow!!

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Matt Hart said...

sounds like you are making the right decision. hang in there.