February 03, 2008

The Wellness Show & The Yeti Snowshoe Race

Working backwards from tonight, I had what I would consider to be a very successful presentation at the Vancouver Health and Wellness Show this morning, topped off by a surprise visit by a good friend from Banff who I have not seen in six full years!!

Saturday was The Yeti Mt. Seymour race and I had by far my best snowshoe race to date. I could tell during my pre race warm up that I was feeling much fresher than I ever had at a Yeti race before. The main reason for this was that I was so busy with preparing this presentation, and numerous other things in the past week, that training took second fiddle for the first time in a very long while. When I hit the start line for this race I knew I was fully rested and ready to hammer!

I was able to run all of the hills in this one, which was what made the biggest difference in my result. For the first time I climbed out of the 5th place position, and all the way up to 4th, haha! I also managed to place 3rd in my age group, so at least I won a beer trophy for my efforts! It felt nice to hold off the same runner who beat me by a few minutes on Mt Wash just a few weeks prior, and in the end, the North Shore Athletics team pulled out the win...for real this time!

Andrew Clarke, Roger Shirt, Aaron Pitt, Jen Segger-Gigg, Dwayne Kress and Yun Ford all put in solid efforts to propel us onto the podium and into a free six pack of beer for our efforts!

After an almost snowstorm like start (well maybe not that bad), the sun managed to break through in perfect timing with the race finish and we were presented to yet another amazing Coastal B.C. day. I love this place!


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