January 23, 2008

I Love This Place!!

I just got in from a solid 2.5hr night ride...with my awesome Princeton Tec Switchback 3 light of course!

I was initially only heading out for a 1.5hr ride, but the night was just so perfect that I simply had to keep it going! The temp is currently -5 Celsius, but with an additional layer on...say a Helly Hansen Lifa base layer maybe...I had no issues with warmth on the ride at all.

I brought Roxy along, but realized after 1.5hr that she was ready to call it quits, so I dropped her off at home and continued on by myself. Just me and my tunes out there loving life while enjoying a clear, crisp night under a huge full moon! Life is good. Yesterday morning I once again went ski touring before work with a few friends, and as always we managed some stunning pictures.

I often hear people say they are 'living the dream'. I always find this statement a bit presumptuous as everyone's dreams and goals are so very different. I do know one thing for sure however, I am living my dream, and not a single day goes by that I do not feel blessed for all that I have here. From my incredible friends, to my health, to my awesome job, to this beautiful town of Squamish, I simply could not ask for more out of life!

Of course as I type all this I am still high on endorphins from my ride...but I'm pretty sure I'll still feel on top of the world when I head out for my morning run in the mountains before work tomorrow, or at least I will be when those endorphins kick in again!


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Jason said...

I can see why you love it. Wow! Good stuff.