November 01, 2007

Team Helly Hansen - MOMAR Hosting Two Slideshows

Come on out and join Todd and me as we recap our eventful season of racing in four countries on two continents. Click on the above image to enlarge and get full details.

Hope to see you there!



DARTvg said...

Are you going to wear the Nacho Libre suit at the talk? If you bought it in Baja it might be appropriate.

garobbins said...

HAHA, good call. I did purchase that in Baja, best souvenir ever!

Jod said...

Hey Gary,

Hope you guys had a good time at the Shark Club after the Victoria slideshow - wish I coulda been there - ok, I guess I coulda been there - I wish I HADDA been there.
Hopefully get to try again next time. Keep in touch (