November 29, 2007

Roxy The Wonder Dog

First off, I know my blogging has been pretty lame lately, but Todd and I are racing this weekend, just out of Seattle, so at least a race report coming shortly. For the most recent updates hit up Todd's blog as he's been putting me to shame lately on this side of things.

We just hosted two slide shows, one in Vancouver and one in Victoria, and had over 150 people pre-registered for both evenings! I would have to say that our Victoria slide show was a much better, well rounded show than our Van edition...although there were some technical difficulties that kept it from being a pefectly smooth night, hey Bryan! We thoroughly enjoyed both slide shows and have already come up with numerous ways to make it even better for future editions...yes future editions...interest was high enough that we are looking to also add Nanaimo and Squamish slide shows in the new year. Stay tuned.

Back to Roxy The Wonder Dog...she managed to make the Princeton Tec blog before even I did! It pays to have a cute puppy like least that's what I'm hoping...warning, shameless plug to follow...

My incredible dog Roxy has made the finals of the cutest pet in Squamish...if she wins we get a years worth of dog food for free!! That's a huge help to a broke ass adventure racer like myself! If you have a few free is a bit of a process, but if we win I promise a personally pawed pic of Roxy via e-mail!

First, go to , then you have to create an account, user name and profile (2min). From there you log into 'The Gold Mine', scroll over 'earn points' and select 'surveys', 'VIPet finalists'. There are eight or nine pets in the finals and ROXY is definitely the cutest!!! You're help would be greatly appreciated!

There, that wasn't too shameless was it?


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