October 18, 2007

Lovin The 'Off Season'

Squamish Thursday night drop in Dodgeball started up tonight. I'll admit, I was a bit reluctant to go and only did so because a friend insisted we do so. At least if it really sucked I'd have a buddy there suffer through it with me. I don't really remember playing D.Ball growing up...maybe a few times. A couple of years ago fellow Helly Hansen-MOMAR teammate Mark Fearman hosted a small multi sport race in Whistler, and the final challenge was a D.Ball game. I'll admit, it was pretty damn fun.

Anyways, my buddy and I headed over with zero expectations, and an hour and a half later walked out with PERMA GRIN! So much fun!! There were a dozen people out and it was basically like doing sprint intervals all night...OK, not EXACTLY, but at one point I got tagged as I was falling back, and as my butt hit the floor I actually felt light headed from over exertion! Maybe that's just a gauge of how much fitness a guy can loose in less than a month, but either way, it was the most fun I've had in a long, long time. Yes, even more fun than night riding last night because the post D.Ball cleanup was nowhere near as bad as the post night ride clean up.

I'm already counting down to next Thursday's game...come November 8th when I start up the Nighttime Trail Running Clinics (with headlamps), through North Shore Athletics, I will be torn between two loves. If I play my cards right though, I might be able to squeeze both into the same night...we'll see.

DODGEBALL KICKS ASS!! The only down fall...I am going to be seriously sore tomorrow!

I love the 'off season', so many sports to try, beers to drink and good times to be had!



DARTvg said...

The good thing is that you have enough Lycra to cover AR and dodgeball...you gotta look good to feel good on the dodgeball field.

garobbins said...

HAHA, it's all about the Lycra-Spandex!! I learned that the hard way by getting hit on my baggie shorts while jumping and still going out. Spandex all the way this week!