September 16, 2007

Howe Sound Crest Trail 2007 (09-16-07)

Howe Sound Crest Trail 2007, 30km, five runners, 7hr's total time with over 6,000 feet of climbing and 9,000 feet of descent.

Being up in the clouds all day didn't dampen anybodies spirits and even though two runner's had to take an early exit off of the route, everyone enjoyed just being out there and getting wet! Absolutely ZERO views, but oh well, only means I have to go back and run it all again real soon!

Super tough trail, very technical, some scrambly (yeah I made that up!) sections with ropes and chains, lots of roots and rocks, and one very extended quad burning descent to finish it off. GOOD TIMES!!

GR (Back to OZ race report tomorrow, early sleep for this guy tonight!)


Matt Hart said...

nice..! sounds like you are recoverying pretty quickly from oz.

Anonymous said...

7hrs?! what were you doing - running backwards? :P

Gary Robbins said...

Maybe you missed the part about the 6,000 feet of climbing and 9,000 of descent!

I think the 'record' for this run is 5.5 hours, and we were just out to enjoy the day man...I'm done with competing for this year...well almost!


Anonymous said...

you know me -- i just like to give you a hard time gary ;) ... just for fun. you have nothing to prove to me buddy ... but i'll still give you a smack next time i see you :p


Gary Robbins said...

Ohhh, it's you! I guess you've figured out by now that if you leave your name on a comment I'll probably just delete it!

See ya next weekend at the MOMAR, but only until the gun goes off. I'll be waiting for ya about 4hr later!


Anonymous said...