August 03, 2007

The Hardest Part Is Done...

I got my permit to run!

And this will be fun, in the sun with a bun...ahh out of un's...

Worked ten hours yesterday in Squamish, drove an hour to the ferry, boarded a 1.5hr ferry ride to Vancouver Island, drove the three hours to the trail head and managed four hours of sleep. Got up early, brought a chair and a book with me and camped out in front of the Warden's Office until they opened at 9am. I was leaving nothing to chance!

Permit in hand and my support crew (Carlos Castillo) en route...the countdown is on...only 16hr's till my 4am start.

Bamfield is a nice, quite ocean front town. I'll enjoy the day relaxing and trying not to stress out about what I am attempting to accomplish tomorrow.

Wish me luck,


Anonymous said...

good luck-if you do it then we'll have to run it back and forth next time!


Anonymous said...

just so you don't think you were alone, we danced last night (this morning) until 8:30 a.m and just got home. We did an ultra club night!!

hope it went well for you bro