July 10, 2007

Start to Finish, MOMAR Shawnigan Lake

(Check out my incredible form on the water donut paddling section of the MOMAR!)

So I realize that I am falling behind on my official blogging duties, but you have to understand that I have been without Internet at home since returning from RTNX and the first versions of that race report were done by staying behind after work each night to get through it. Now that I have Internet at home again, in my new place, that excuse can no longer be utilized, however with my Race Director duties at this weekend's Squamish Thunder, I am sure to take longer than I would like to catch up on everything...please bear with me!

This past weekend I raced again...and that was the last one for a full month. Todd and I surprised ourselves by pulling off our second MOMAR overall victory of the season. The bodies were still hurting from RTNX but in comparison to that race I just kept saying to Todd, we're only 4hr's from the finish line...only 3hr's to go...only 2hr's till a month off...basically Todd nailed the navigation section and it was over from there.

More to come shortly...


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